merge Pop-Up-Store Antwerp

The pop-up store merge brings German designers to Antwerp. The shop concept and brands were chosen by art director and brand consultant Justina Honsel. Among others, the Frankfurt-based brand Miomartha, which is particularly known for its slow fashion approach, is one part of it.

In a shop space of over 80 sqm, Merge focuses on interior design, lifestyle articles and fashion from Germany, Miomartha announced on Monday. The temporary shop is "an ode to creative synergies and friendships between European cities", Honsel said. It was important to her to create "a meeting place for creatives from Germany and Belgium as well as for designers and artists from different cultures".

In addition to pieces from over twenty different fashion collections from various brands, including Hien Le, Johanna Gauder, A Pinchof Salt and Avenir Berlin, music plays an important role in the pop-up store. Customers can also purchase a selection of records and music magazines on site. Several events, among others with design studio Eberhard Objects and the Nowadays magazine and Kollektiv from Antwerp, will also underline the concept of the shop.

The shop is located at Volkstraat 2, close to the reopened Royal Museum of Fine Arts, and will be open until 24 of December.

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