Record Magazine Vinyl Collector

Great news! We’ve teamed up with Record Magazine.

Record Culture Magazine is a biannual print publication that shines a light on the
people intrinsic to niche music communities around the world and their
intersection with art, fashion, and culture.

Founded in 2016 in Chinatown, New York, Record Culture Magazine features
candid longform interviews and photography, providing an intimate view into our
interviewees’ homes and studios. Each issue also includes curated archival
features of musical ephemera and original illustrations.

Limited edition vinyl collector in the Record Issue 10 inner cover color peach.
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Brand cooperation by Justina Honsel
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merge Pop-Up-Store Antwerp

The pop-up store merge brings German designers to Antwerp. The shop concept and brands were chosen by art director and brand consultant Justina Honsel. Among others, the Frankfurt-based brand Miomartha, which is particularly known for its slow fashion approach, is one part of it.

In a shop space of over 80 sqm, Merge focuses on interior design, lifestyle articles and fashion from Germany, Miomartha announced on Monday. The temporary shop is "an ode to creative synergies and friendships between European cities", Honsel said. It was important to her to create "a meeting place for creatives from Germany...

FreitagsFragen Interview II

Watch Steffen Eberhardts second interview with FreitagsFragen, an instagram format focussing on frankfurt based creatives. The format is part of frankfurtdubistsowunderbar, a magazine published by EsIstFreitag, a local design agency. The recently opened urban store in Fahrgasse 26, which serves as office space and for events alike, was thoughtfully designed by Eberhardtobjects.



Vinyl Collector @ FRAME Awards

Eberhardt Objects Vinyl Collector is currently running for the May 2022 FRAME magazine awards. Monthly winners will be announced on 09/06/2022 and yearly winners on 13/10/2022. Read the full post on the FRAME website: click here


Airbag Craftworks Edition Vinyl Collector

Here you have the -Airbag Craftworks Edition-
Airbag Craftworks is an independent fashion and design label
from Germany founded by Paul David Rollmann in 1995.
Airbag Craftworks is famous for their premium bags for music lovers.