vinyl collector edition GERD JANSON

First pieces available from 18 December in our showroom!




Eberhardt Objects x Gerd Janson

Although record collecting hasn’t lost any of its charm or appeal in the digital age, the offered safekeeping possibilities are not always equally adequate and pleasing. The nip-and-tuck race between cardboard, ply wood or plastic options, often has the vinyl connoisseur and discerning furniture fan come off second best - an unbearable condition for any music lover and proud miner of the black gold. One of them, Frankfurt’s Steffen Eberhardt and his company for design and furniture finally offer the remedy. 


Eberhardt Objects’ Vinyl Collector is the custom-fit solution. Crafted from powder-coated aluminium, available in various colors as well as special editions and equipped with anti-slip pads; it has room for around 65 standard 12“ records and can be easily placed next to the nearest player. Like all great design pieces that arise from a bright idea, it is not only functional, useful and a feast for the eye, but also the perfect companion to record sleeves and their next of kin. 


Here you have the „Gerd Janson Edition“ in exclusive and exhilarating pastel turquoise. In team play with said vinyl hoarder, DJ and Running Back Records label owner, it mirrors his studio and office rooms and evokes a general optimistic outlook on life!