don't look at me INGMAR KURTH

11 – 19 dec 2020

@ Eberhardt Objects Showroom

Jahnstraße 60-62
60318 Frankfurt am Main



HOW IT IS - the book

This, I would propose, is what Ingmar Kurth sets out to achieve when walking through modern life. And achieve it he does. On can surmise that he walks slowly, a form of walking that somehow eschews motion. And when he photographs something he does so by relying on simple geometries that otherwise elude the eye in the bustle of everyday life. His eye discerns the lines, bifurcations, and above all triangles structure the urban world in an unassuming way. In fact, one could be forgiven thinking that judging by his work, cities are places where triangles await us at every corner. The geometries he detects likewise divide shadow from light, sky from earth, history from the present. And the lines separate shadows of day from the sounds of day, give structure to an otherwise amorphous cacophony that is the city. 

How it is? Silent. Or, as David Bowie once famously put it when exploring the difference between the silence inside and the world outside: “Drifting into my solitude, over my head. Don't you wonder sometimes. 'Bout sound and vision.”